White Plastic Picket Fencing

White Plastic Picket Fencing

White plastic picket fencing could help you create a traditional and classic look for your garden and home. When you think about a traditional English country cottage or home, what image is it that first comes into your head? Is it one of a little cottage, near a river, with a nice little garden in full bloom, a cat sitting on a wall, all of which is surrounded by a white picket fence?

This image is typical for many people who think about an English country garden and the white picket fence is an essential part of that.

Picket Fencing

Picket fences are a very popular choice for many homeowners as they can help to provide them with many practical and aesthetic benefits to their home and garden. This type of fence can provide a certain amount of security and reassurance that pets or small children won’t leave the property and go off anywhere they shouldn’t.

A child won’t go running off into a busy main road if the house is surrounded by white plastic picket fencing. A picket fence can also go a long way to complementing the outside of your home. If you do live in a quaint country cottage, as mentioned above then you will know that a picket fence is perfectly suited to your style of home. However, a picket fence also looks really good outside any suburban home, such is its versatility.

Picket Fence Materials

Not so long ago it was the case that the only picket fencing that was available was fencing that was made from wood. Nowadays picket fencing can be made from wood, vinyl, plastic and aluminium.

Wood is more traditional but can be difficult to maintain, especially in the winter time and it is important that you paint it regularly in order to prevent rot and decay.

Vinyl or white plastic picket fencing is now a popular choice of many people who are looking for fencing that is low maintenance but to the untrained eye, still very much looks like a traditional wooden picket fence.

Plastic fencing is generally very easy to install too. Aluminium fences can add a more contemporary and modern style to a garden but you should be aware that aluminium fences could rust in the wet weather.

Picket Fence Retailers

When choosing your white plastic picket fencing make sure that you look at all the different suppliers that are available to you in order to get the best price and the most value for your money.

It can be a good idea to get a number of different quotes from different retailers and then compare the prices accordingly. Also check to see if the retailers offer and sort of delivery and installation service as part of the cost or will there be an extra charge.

Having someone else deliver and install the white plastic picket fencing for you could save you a considerable amount of time, having said that it could be much more expensive, so check to see what is available.

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