White Picket Fencing

White Picket Fencing

White picket fencing is often thought of by some as an American institution, a traditional image of the ‘American dream’ but that isn't necessarily true. Turn on any American TV show.

You will always see images of properties that are surrounded by fencing of this kind but picket fences are just as popular here in the UK as they are across the pond. It is often America who gets recognition for the picket fence but in fact its origins are a little closer to home.

Origins of Picket Fences

Picket fencing first became popular with the early travellers from Great Britain who sailed to America and settled on her shores. Back then the picket fencing was used to keep animals away from crops and other foods. It wasn’t until later on in those colonial days that white picket fencing became popular to put around properties for its nice looks and aesthetic benefits as it did to use it for more practical reasons.

Fast forward 100 years and during the great boom time of the American roaring twenties; you could expect to see every suburban property with this type of fencing surrounding it. This is where the image of America and picket fences originates and its popularity in the US has remained ever since.

Perception of Picket Fences

In America especially, white picket fencing gives the perception of perfect suburban, middle class life. A happily married couple with a couple of children and a dog, living in a nice big house with a garden that is surrounded by picket fencing is considered by many to be the stereotypical image of middle America.

Of course this is just symbolism, but this is an image that is often depicted in many TV shows, films and book. In Britain a white picket fence helps to conjure up the image of picnics on the lawn, a walk in the park on a nice summers day or children playing in the local village green that is surrounded by picket fencing.

Again not an image that is necessarily true but one that can be commonplace on TV shows who are trying to depict a quaint middle-English village.

Picket Fences Today

In more recent times white picket fencing has become a popular choice with many homeowners. The ongoing popularity of the picket fence has nothing to do with images or perceptions of the fence during days gone by.

The picket fence offers a viable solution to many people who are looking for an appealing and eye catching fence to go around the perimeter of their property. A picket fence can be easy to construct and quite cheap compared to other types of fencing and this is another reason why they are popular today.

A good fence will also help to increase the value and aesthetic appeal of any property. White picket fencing will often be the first thing that any visitors, friends and family will see once they approach your house and can really complement the exterior of your property.

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