White Picket Fencing For Sale

White Picket Fencing For Sale

For anyone who wants to smarten their garden then looking for white picket fencing for sale could be the first step in improving the aesthetic look and natural beauty of the exterior of the house.

Picket fencing has long been associated with class, style and tradition and can really help to bring a garden to life. This type of fencing worked really well in a wide range of different settings. A picket fence will not look out of place anywhere from one ornate country cottage to a suburban semi-detached home or a trendy modern townhouse.


Origin of Picket Fencing

For a long time picket fencing was a symbol of the American middle class but the origin of picket fencing actually starts here in the United Kingdom where it was very popular in the Victorian and Edwardian era. During these times picket fencing was first used as a way of keeping animals and livestock from eating them destroying shrubs, plants, vegetables and herbs that may have been growing in their garden on their land.

Before it was possible to find white picket fencing for sale it would probably just be made by hand by the homeowner, or in Victorian times, one of the homeowner staff. It wasn't until some years later that picket fencing started to be used not only in a practical sense but also as a way of helping to improve the looks and general appearance of the garden and the exterior of a property.

Uses Today

today white picket fencing has many different uses and this is probably most commonly used to act as a divide or border between neighbouring front and back gardens. It can also be used to help add an increased level of privacy and security to a house. As well as helping to prevent any unwanted intruders from entering the property, it can also stop small children and animals from straying further than they should from a garden or family home.

Usually made from wood, white picket fencing for sale can be found at your local garden centre of fencing supplier. Some of the materials in which picket fencing can be made from include PVC, vinyl, plastic, aluminium and even bamboo. Prices will vary depending on the size and amount of fencing require and also material you're fencing is made from. Wood tends to be a cheaper option, whereas aluminium will normally be more expensive.

Further Info

As part of looking for white picket fencing for sale, if you choose a fence that is made solely from wood and be aware that regular maintenance will be required in order to protect your fence and to keep it looking like new.

When you first get your wooden fence make sure that you varnish or paint it to help protect it from the wet weather as this can cause the wood to deteriorate and rot. White picket fencing for sale will be available at many different suppliers so look around today the best deal on your new garden fencing.


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