Vinyl Picket Fencing

Vinyl Picket Fencing

Installing vinyl picket fencing can be a lot easier than installing picket fencing that is made from other material such as wood, bamboo and aluminium. Picket fencing that is made from vinyl is a relatively new product and is new to the fencing industry in general.

Many fences are usually made from wood and have been for hundreds of years. Advancement in technology and the alternative materials and chemicals that are now available means that ploy vinyl chloride is now just as suitable to be used in picket fencing as wood is. Because of this vinyl fencing is increasing in popularity as many people are seeing the advantages and benefits that can be gained from installing vinyl picket fencing around your home and garden.


There are a number of benefits and advantages to using vinyl picket fencing. The first and probably most important benefit is that vinyl fencing is usually cheaper and offers a more cost effective fencing solution to those that are made from wood. It is also much easier to install and handle than wooden fencing and can sometimes take only half the amount of time to install. It can also be stronger and durable than many wooden fences and there is no maintenance or after care involved with a fence that is made from Vinyl.

Once the fence is installed you will not need to paint, treat or varnish it in order to protect it from the wet weather like you have to with a wooden fence. A vinyl fence can also be easily cleaned if it gets dirty by simply just hosing it down or washing it with soap and water.


Vinyl picket fencing will fit perfectly into any garden or around the perimeter of any residential building. The picket fencing is designed in such a way that it looks almost identical to picket fencing that is made from wood; so much so that it would require pretty close and thorough inspection in order to be able to tell the difference. Vinyl fencing can really help to compliment any property or garden. It is also perfect for use around swimming pools where it is likely to get wet on regular occasions. It can also be used to stop children and pets from leaving your property when they are not meant to.


There are many different deigns of vinyl picket fencing available. Many of which can be made to look exactly like faux wooden fencing. Everything down to the colour, shape, size and pattern can be made to look like that of a wooden fence.

When choosing a certain design or style of picket fence it is important you know what size of fence will work in your garden. Fences are usually between 3 or 5 foot but you might want a large fence if you looking for that extra but of privacy from your neighbours or people who are passing by your property. Vinyl picket fencing has many advantages so why don’t you find out more about them today.

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