Timber Picket Fencing

Timber Picket Fencing

Timber picket fencing is probably the most popular type of fencing for homeowners in the UK. When you think of country cottages, one image that comes to mind will almost certainly include a picket fence. It is not just country cottages or old style houses that are complimented by a picket fence; many new buildings and suburban properties benefit from the aesthetic and eye catching nature that a picket fence can bring to the exterior of a property.

The fact that picket fences can be used on a wide range of different properties and settings could account for the popularity of this type of fencing.

Timber Quality

There are many different variations of timber picket fencing to choose from and although picket fencing is generally considered to be a cheaper option when compared to other fences, the price of fencing and its quality can vary considerably depending on where you purchase it from.

When looking at timber fencing you should try to make sure that the wood is strong and durable so it will last a number of years once it has been erected in your garden. The wood should also fairly thick and not flimsy or brittle if you try to bend it. If possible, try to make sure the wood as been pre-treated in order to help protect it from the wind and the rain.

Fencing Installation

One of the main benefits of timber picket fencing is that it can be quite easy to install compared to other types of fencing. Depending on the size of the area of the fence is being installed in; an average sized garden would normally take no more than one or two days to have a picket fence installed in it.

The main task in picket fence installation involves you measuring exactly where the fencing needs to go and ensuring that it is straight. You will also need to decide how high you want your picket fence.

Normally picket fences are between 3 and 4 foot but this decision is entirely down to you. In order to save you some time you might want to consider having your local fencing company complete the installation for you. This might cost you a bit extra but could be worthwhile if you are not so accomplished when it comes to DIY of home improvement tasks.


Your fencing supplier will probably advise you about this but for those who do not know timber picket fencing requires a certain amount of after care and maintenance. In order to prolong the life of your picket fence it is advisable to varnish it or paint it when it is first constructed. This will help to protect the wood from rotting or decaying, as can be caused by wet and cold weather.

After you have first painted your fence, you should really repaint your fence every year or so, thereafter to help keep your timber picket fencing looking new and protected against all the elements of the Great British Weather.

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