Rolled Picket Fencing

Rolled Picket Fencing

Rolled picket fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing that is used in many different modern, contemporary or Oriental themed gardens. This type of fencing is normally made from bamboo that is woven together using some form of metal of copper wire.

Bamboo picket fencing will be about 3 to 4 feet in height and can be used as an excellent border for a garden and also as a great way of marking perimeter and boundary lines of a property. Even though bamboo fencing is increasing popularity it is still relatively new thing and can really help to create an unusual focal point for any garden.

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo is the perfect material in which to make rolled picket fencing. Bamboo is a very strong and long lasting type of material which makes it ideal for use in fencing. Bamboo is not only strong and durable it is also very easy to construct and work with.

It can be much easier to install than other types of picket fencing such as ones that are made from wood, aluminium, vinyl or plastic. The ease in which Bamboo fencing can be installed is another benefit to many homeowners. It is also great when it comes to coping with the great British weather.

During times of heavy rain and strong winds Bamboo fencing will cope better and be one the lasting than many of the other types of picket fencing that you see today outside many different homes and gardens.

Uses of Rolled Picket Fencing

Rolled or bamboo picket fencing is a great way of adding a certain level of privacy and security to your home and garden which otherwise might not be offered with other types of fencing. Not only can it help to keep unwanted people from entering your property and garden it also looks very stylish and can really help to complement and highlight the outside and surrounding area of your house.

For people whose garden theme takes its influence from south-east Asia or the Far East and Bamboo fencing will completely at home in this kind of setting or environment. Bamboo is commonly used in garden right across Asia so by using it in your garden will be helping to add an element of authenticity to your property and garden.

Bamboo fencing also requires little or no maintenance when compared to wooden or iron picket fences. It also acts as a great way of hiding awkward looking chain style local authority fencing that can sometimes surround the house and garden.

Rolled Picket Fencing Suppliers

Picket fencing of this kind will be readily available at your local fencing suppliers or retailers. It may even be available at your local garden centre so is worthwhile shopping around to get the best deal or price on your fencing.

There are also many suppliers that can be found online will be able to offer you a wide selection of fencing and really competitive prices, so make sure you visit these sites for your rolled picket fencing.

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