PVC Picket Fencing

PVC Picket Fencing

PVC picket fencing can really add a certain amount of charm and style to a property or a garden. Picket fences are perfect for people who want to add a fence to their garden or the perimeter of their home in order to still show the landscape, plants and flowers that are in there. Picket fences are very popular in both the United States and United Kingdom and can help to give a property a classical and appealing look to those who view it from the outside.

Traditional Picket Fencing

Traditionally speaking picket fencing was always made out of wood, which is stained and then painted white. Wooden fencing was sometimes considered to be an impractical option and was notorious for being difficult to install and even hard to maintain.

Unless, wooden fencing is painted regularly and varnished every year it can quickly become damaged and rotten because of the wet weather. It can also look very old after only a couple of years of being installed. Luckily PVC picket fencing is now available that can be a much better option than wooden fencing.

Practical Fencing

As discussed, wooden picket fencing is not very practical when it comes to maintenance. Although it can look really nice when it is new, it can soon become weathered and damaged. With PVC picket fencing you do not get this problem of decay or damage from the weather as the PVC material is much tougher and can therefore cope with difficult weather conditions. It is also very strong too which means it is not going to blow over in strong winds or storms.

Animals are less likely to be able to damage the fence due to its increased toughness. With fences that are made from PVC you simply install them and that’s it. There is no aftercare or painting required, you can just sit back and enjoy all the aesthetic benefits that a picket fence can bring to a property.

In the event that the fence needs to be cleaned, you can simply hose it or wash it down with a sponge and soapy water, which is far easier than having to repaint it every year or so.

Different Types of PVC Fencing

There are many different styles, ranges, shapes and sizes of PVC picket fencing that are currently available for people to buy. Another advantage of this type of fencing is that it can come in a range of different colours which can also save you the job of having to paint every individual piece or panel.

You can even get picket fencing that is made from PVC that is can look like faux wood. This is great because to anyone who walks past your property, they will think you have shelled out for a new wooden fence, when really the fence is made from PVC. Without actually inspecting the PVC fence very closely indeed, it will be nearly impossible for anyone to tell the difference a wooden picket fence and PVC picket fencing.

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