Picket Fencing UK

Picket Fencing UK

Traditional picket fencing UK has been the popular choice of many different home owners. No matter if you live in a suburban detached house or in a country cottage, a picket fence can compliment many different styles of property.

Originally very popular in America, the picket fence is just as popular in the UK and a wide range of designs and styles can be found in many different garden centres or hardware stores.

The classic design of picket fencing is associated with many different images from the middle class, suburban American family to the quaint village greens that you might have once played in as a child.

Picket Fences and Their Uses

Picket fencing UK has many uses and looks perfect in many gardens or when constructed around the perimeter of a property. In a garden a picket fence can be used as a back drop in which plants such as roses or orchids can grow up against.

The white picket fence will really help to show off the natural beauty of the flowers, which could quickly become a central attraction to whole of your garden.

Picket fences in gardens are also used to help add an element of privacy and security. They are perfect to help divide and separate the land between two adjoining gardens. They can also help to stop animals, pets and mall children from straying too far from the family home. Likewise, they can also help to keep out any unwanted guests.

Wooden and Vinyl Picket Fencing UK

Tradition has it that picket fencing is usually made from wood but in recent times PVC and plastic fencing has become a cheaper and viable alternative to wooden fences. Many people now choose to use vinyl picket fencing because it is stronger than wood and can last much longer.

It also requires very little maintenance and can withstand the pressures of the rain, snow, wind and sun much better than wood can. It can also be easier to construct and often already comes painted so now extra work is involved once the fence has been erected.

Picket Fence Maintenance

Picket fencing UK that is made from wood will require regular after care and maintenance in order to help protect it from the harsh element of weather. So the wood does not rot, it is important to treat it with some sort of protective solution to help protect it.

The solution should be applied as soon as the fence has been built and it should then be applied every year or so after that. You can also paint you picket fence; this too will help to protect the wood from rotting and decaying.

A picket fence is usually painted white but it is entirely up to you, so paint it whatever colour you think will best compliment your house and garden. Picket fencing UK can really make your garden stand out so make sure you regularly maintain it and you can enjoy the beauty of your picket fence for many years to come.

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