Picket Fencing Panels

Picket Fencing Panels

Picket fencing panels can really help to bring a garden to life. When planning or designing your new garden there are many different plants, features and even furniture that you can put in the garden in order to enhance its beauty.

From bird baths to roses and garden benches to fish ponds, all of these can help to make a garden look truly fabulous. Choosing the right fence can also play an important role on how nice a garden looks. A good fence should help to create the perfect border in which your beautiful garden is contained.


Popular Picket Fences

There are many different style and designs of picket fences, which can be made from a wide range of different materials. Some of the most popular picket fencing is that which is made from wood. These types of fences are the ones that are most commonly seen outside many suburban homes and properties.

They are ideal for use in both the front and back garden and can really help to add a certain element of style to a property.

The design of this fencing consists of flat, wooden pickets that are about 3 or 4 foot tall and have a pointed top. The picket fencing panels are placed vertically in the fence and they also have base boards underneath them to help offer protection and support. There is a small gap in between each panel and traditionally picket fences are normally painted white, although they can be painted any colour, this is mainly down to personal preference.

Other Types of Picket Fences

Other popular types of picket fences include ones that are made from bamboo. These look perfect in exotic or in South East Asian themed gardens. The bamboo picket fencing panels create a really nice and natural looking border that can really look good in many different gardens. The panels are available in a range of different heights but ones that are about 3ft are usually the most popular.

Bamboo picket fences work well in both small and large gardens. The bamboo panels are placed vertically in the ground but this time they are not placed apart from each other as is the case with more traditional types of picket fences. The bamboo panels are joined together so that they create one solid fence or barrier that can run around the perimeter of the garden.


No matter what type of picket fence you choose for your garden, most picket fencing panels are very easy to install and erect in your garden.

You will probably be able to purchase the panels in pre-assembled pieces that will help to make them easier to install. Bamboo picket fencing will normally come in a roll that you can easily fit around the border of your garden.

The picket panels will then just need to be driven into the ground to make sure they are properly supported. Picket fencing panels can really help to enhance your garden and if you are looking for fencing this style is something you should consider.

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