Picket Fencing For Sale

Picket Fencing For Sale

If you are looking to revamp your garden and the outside of your house it could be worth going to your local garden centre to see if they have any picket fencing for sale. As fencing goes, picket fencing can be relatively inexpensive but it is really great at giving your home that traditionally classical British look.

Picket fencing around the perimeter of your home can be really eye catching and it can draw the attention of people who pass by, for all the right reasons. Picket fencing is usually painted white and can also help to highlight the natural beauty of some of the flowers that are in your garden.

Wooden Picket Fencing

Wooden picket fencing is amongst some of the most popular fencing that can be found outside many different homes across the country. Its huge popularity means that many retailers and suppliers have many different types of wooden picket fencing for sale.

Although most picket fencing is made from wood, the size shape, design and style can be quite different. The size of picket fence panels usually range from about 3ft to 5ft. There is normally a gap between the fence panels and this gap is equal all the way along the fence. The top of each picket fence panel will differ depending on the design of the fence.

Normally they will either be rounded at the top, pointed of horizontal and it is up to you to decide what design will go best in your garden of outside your home.

Other Types of Picket Fence

Some of the other types of picket fencing for sale are ones that are made from plastic or vinyl. Although these fences are sometimes not as robust as the wooden fences they look very similar in their design, so similar in fact that you would have to inspect one pretty thoroughly in order to be able to tell the difference.

The plastic fences are much easier to maintain than the wooden ones and if they are dirty they can be easily cleaned with a hose, jet wash or even just soap and water. Bamboo is another popular material that is used in picket fences. It is popular because it is extremely strong and can last for a long time.

Contemporary Picket Fencing

More modern types of picket fencing for sale are made from aluminium that can help create a really modern and stylish look in your garden or outside your house. Aluminium picket fencing can go well in a contemporary, minimalist garden and really help to bring a garden to life, with its sleek and stylish appearance.

Picket fencing that is made from cast iron can give you a cool gothic or Edwardian look, with a hint of modern appeal. Whatever type of fencing you choose be sure to find some picket fencing that offers you the best value for money and will complement your house. Picket fencing for sale is available at many different retailers so it is up to you to find the best style that will compliment your home.

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