Picket Fencing Designs

Picket Fencing Designs

For a long time picket fencing as long been synonymous with the idea or image of the perfect family home but today there are many different picket fencing designs that people can choose from when selecting a new garden fence.

Picket fencing has been around for hundreds of years and is still as popular today as it ever has been. Many people still use this type of fencing as a way of creating a nice looking border for the garden of the marking the perimeter of the property. You can also be used to add an increased level of privacy and security to a house or garden.


Patterns and Designs

There are many different picket fencing designs that are available today. Traditionally picket fencing was always plain white fencing that consisted of panels of wood that were nailed onto two support beams that were placed near the top and bottom of each panel.

Today however picket fencing and its design has come a long way and there are now fences available that include more decorative styles and designs. Back in the day picket fencing was also usually the same standard and height wherever it was used.

Nowadays the height and sometimes shape of picket fencing can differ greatly depending on a particular design or range of fence. There is much more choice available to people today than there was, let’s say 30 years ago. The ‘standard’ or ‘default’ style of picket fencing has now gone and there is now a wide range to choose from than ever before.

In The Garden

As well as being used to mark the perimeter of a property picket fencing can also be used for other practical and creative reasons in many different gardens. The new picket fencing designs have enabled people to use this type of fencing in ways which they would never have done previously. For example picket fence can provide a great area in which roses, sweet peas and other plants and flowers can grow up against.

It can also be used as a decorative feature around a flower bed or garden shed which will help to not only look great but also will help really catch the eye of anyone who will see it. The picket fencing can also look nice around a water feature such as a fountain or pond and can also help provide a safety barrier that can prevent more children falling into the water.

Picket fencing can also be used to help hide compost box or dustbin from view, which could otherwise look unpleasant in your garden.

A Wide Range of Designs

There will be a wide range of picket fencing designs available to you at your local fencing suppliers or garden centre. For an even greater range to choose from it could be worthwhile looking on the internet to see what is available online. Many suppliers will now have websites that offer a range of picket fencing designs at really competitive prices so you could end up saving a great deal of money.

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