Picket Fence Supplies

Picket Fence Supplies

If you have an interest in DIY and like to carry out your own home improvement projects then choosing the right picket fence supplies can really help you when it comes to erecting your brand new garden fencing. The picket fence is a popular choice for many people in the United Kingdom who want their property and garden to have a classic and more traditional look.

A picket fence is relatively inexpensive, compared to other types of fencing that are available and can be fairly easy to construct, providing you have the right supplies and equipment. By constructing the picket fence yourself, you could save a considerable amount of money than if you were to have a professional do it.


Providing you properly plan the construction and think about what picket fence supplies you will need then building your own picket fence can be a lot simpler than people imagine. Make sure you properly measure the area in which you want the fence to go and put together some sort of blueprint or plan that is on paper and that will contain all the necessary measurement and specifications.

This will help to give you a much clear idea of the layout of the fence and how it will look, once you have constructed it. Taking your blueprint to the fence suppliers will also help you to pick all the correct fence panels and other pieces you will need to build the fence successfully.

Time to Get Building

Once you have all of the picket fence supplies you can then make a start on building and the construction of your fence. The first stage of construction requires you to mark the area of the garden in which the fence will be erected. You can do this by using small wooden pegs and string; this will help you to make sure that the fence is straight when you are building it.

Next, put in all the corner post of the fence, here you will have to decide how high you want your fence to be. After this you can start to place the picket fence panels in equal spaces around the garden. Make sure you drive them into the ground and then secure them with nails and two long beams that will run near the top and bottom of each fence panel.

Paint, Decoration and Treatment

After you have turned the picket fence supplies into a brand spanking new fence, you should then make sure you treat the wood with some sort of solution that will help to protect it from the all the elements of the British weather.

Using a varnish on the wood should give it all the protection it needs. After you have allowed the varnish or protection solution to dry you can then paint it any colour you want to. White is the traditional colour of picket fences but it is entirely up to you what colour, if any you want the picket fence supplies to be painted.

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