Picket Fencing

Picket Fencing

Picket fencing can help to give your home a real classic and stylish look and is very popular in America, where it is often used on many different types of houses and properties.

This type of fencing is excellently suited for the modern family home as it helps to create a safe and pleasant environment in which children can play without the view of your property being obscured. It also provides a safe guard against pets or other animals either leaving or entering your property on occasions when they shouldn’t.


Choosing a Picket Fence

Picket fencing is a popular choice of many people who choose to put this type of fencing at the front of their house or in their front garden. This fencing will help to give your home a certain amount of charm and iconic style and will make your house seem very inviting and welcoming to people who approach it.

Also, by using this fencing, the view to your house from the road will not be blocked and you will have a clear view of who is outside. Cedar and vinyl are both popular with people who purchase a picket fence so have a look at what would work best with your garden and house.

Benefits of a Picket Fence

Generally speaking, picket fencing is often very well made and is a lot stronger than it looks. It is also fairly tough so it is able to cope relatively well with the harshness of the British weather. Provided the wood is treated every year or so, a picket fence will last many years.

This type of fencing is also relatively inexpensive when compared to other fences that are available. A good fence can not only have aesthetic benefits but it can also have financial ones too and could help to increase the overall value of your property.

Usually a picket fence will be about 3 to 4 feet tall but some can be purchased as tall as 6 foot. They can also be made to suit a wide range of gardens and properties so you can be sure you will find one to suit your property

Picket Fence Treatments and Care

Picket fencing can be very pleasing on the eye and really help to bring a garden and a property to life. To make sure your picket fence lasts for a number of years, you should treat it with some type of preservative or wood treatment solution to help protect it from rotting and to keep it looking good.

You should apply this treatment approximately every year or so for maximum results. You can also purchase a concrete or gravel base board that will sit underneath the fence and prevent it from touching the earth. This will also help to prevent it from getting wet and rotting.

There are many different types of picket fencing; ones that are dome shaped at the top or convex can look really stylish and smart when erected around the side of the garden.

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