Garden Picket Fencing

Garden Picket Fencing

If you want to create that idyllic, quaint and country look to the outside of your property then garden picket fencing can help you achieve this goal. Picket fencing has been a popular choice with many people who use it in their garden or at the front to their house and its origins date back hundreds of years.  Picket fences can really help to add an element of charm and class to the garden and look equally as good outside a suburban terrace or town house as they do outside a very big house in the country.

Traditional Picket Fences

White garden picket fencing is generally considered the most traditional type of fencing there is. The picket fences are most complimentary to a garden or house when they are used in one of two ways. First of all, if your garden is relatively small then you can use a small section of the fence as a place in which colourful flowers can grow next to the white back drop.

This will really help the flowers to stand out and become a real focal point for your garden. Another way in which a traditional picket fence can be used in your garden is as a border that can help to provide an element of privacy and a divide between yours and a neighbouring garden or property.

Picket Fence Materials

Garden picket fencing is normally made from wood or timber although there are now picket fences available that are made from plastic, PVC or vinyl. These materials have some benefits when compared to fences that are made from wood or timber.

Plastic or vinyl fences can sometimes require less maintenance than wooden fences and they can be longer lasting. Because plastic or vinyl does not rot or decay in the wet weather it can be better suit to stand up to the British climate than wood can.

Very often wooden picket fences will need to be painted and treated regular in order to protect them from the weather. One drawback with plastic picket fences is that they can sometimes not look as good as ones that are made from wood. They are sometimes not as strong or as well made as wooden fences.

Other Types of Picket Fences

Some of the other types of garden picket fencing that are available are ones that are made from Bamboo. These can look really good in a garden that takes its inspiration from Asia, especially Thailand, Japan, China and Vietnam.

The bamboo picket fence is slightly different from the traditional picket fence because it does not have any gaps between the picket fence panels and is instead, almost one continuous piece of fencing. This difference also means it has to be constructed slightly differently too. Bamboo fencing can be ‘rolled out’ into position in the garden and then driven into the ground, so that it is secure. Bamboo garden picket fencing is extremely tough and hard wearing as bamboo is a very strong material indeed.


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