Free Standing Picket Fencing

Free Standing Picket Fencing

Free standing picket fencing can provide the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for a temporary or semi permanent fencing product. This type of picket fencing is perfect for use at a wide range of different indoor or outdoor events such as weddings, country fairs, trade shows, corporate events, school fates and even race meetings.

This traditional looking picket fence is ideal for use as a temporary fencing system and can be used to help cordon off a particular area that guests or attendees are not permit to enter. It can also be used as part of a crowd control system or simply to provide an attractive border around a marquee or stage.

Wooden Picket Fencing

Free standing picket fencing that is made from wood can help to deliver a really classic look and style to your event or display. Wooden picket fencing is traditional and has been used in homes and gardens in both the United States and the United Kingdom. It is perhaps most commonly associated with America but the use and popularity of this type of fencing the UK should not be underestimated.

Why else is picket fencing popular?

Picket fencing can really help to compliment the exterior or a property or a garden. It can really help to catch the eye of anyone who walks past the property. Free standing or temporary picket fencing can have the same effect on your even or function. Made from wood, this classical type of fence is never out of fashion and continues to remain stylish.

UPVC Temporary Fencing

UPVC free standing picket fencing provides an alternative to picket fencing that is made from wood. The UPVC fencing is a little easier to maintain than wood and is also a lot smoother and has no rough or jagged edges as can sometimes be the case with wooden fencing. It also offers a more environmentally friendly solution as it does not lead to the destruction of trees and rainforests. Virtually maintenance free, UPVC fencing can be cleaned with just a hose or even a bucket of soapy water.

There is no need to paint or varnish this fencing either, as it will not rot or deteriorate in the wet weather. The durable and sturdy UPVC panel can be quickly and easily erected to create a free standing fence. In only a couple of minutes you temporary fencing structure can be built and ready for use.

Rent a Fence

Free standing picket fencing is available to hire from many different fencing suppliers. It is probably worth looking online or in your local telephone or business directory in order to find out the contact details of suppliers. Once you have spoken to them, let the suppliers know you specifications and requirements regarding your temporary fence and they should be able to provide you with a solution to your fencing problem. It will usually be the case that they will arrange to deliver it, install and collect the free standing picket fencing from your event or function for a small charge.

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