Event Picket Fencing

Event Picket Fencing

Event picket fencing can really help to put the finishing touches on any display, event or party. If you are organising a party or event you might want hire some temporary or free standing fencing that can be used as a border or to fence of a particular area. Picket fencing has a classic and traditional look and is popular for use at outdoor weddings, graduation parties, country fairs and corporate events. The classic and traditional look of picket fencing is often associated with style and wealth and because of this is also a popular choice with many stables and racecourses.

Strong and Practical

Event picket fencing is sometimes made from wood which like the regular picket fencing you would put in your garden. More often than not, the picket fencing that is used at events will probably be made from PVC or vinyl.

Why is this?

This is because vinyl is a very strong and tough material and can be made to look exactly the same as wood or even cast iron. Vinyl picket fencing is much easier to construct and install than wooden fencing, which can be beneficial when it is used at outdoor events where there is not the time or resources to spend hours installing wooden fences that may only be used for a couple of days. Vinyl fencing can be quickly put up and then taking down in no time at all. It is also really easy to clean and should it ever get dirty or grubby, it can be made to look like new wit just a bit of soap and water.


As mentioned above, event picket fencing is very easy to install and as time is often of the essence at special event and functions, easy installation is a big bonus. Vinyl fencing that is used at events can be put together without using and tools or equipment. Each panel connects and locks together special connectors that are hidden underneath the cap of each post. Each panel of event picket fencing has ‘feet’ that provide a stable base in which the fencing will stand upon. These specialised feet make it possible for the fencing to sit effectively and safely on uneven surfaces such as grass, soil and sand. Before transportation the feet can swivel back into a neutral position which means each fence panel can be stacked on top of each other when they are loaded into a vehicle after they have been used.


There are a number of suppliers who can be found online which specialise in supplying marquees and picket fencing to a number of different events and functions. In order to get the best prices on your picket fencing contact a number of different suppliers and to see who can give you the best deal. Make sure you check to see if they charge any more for delivery, installation and collection and where possible try and see if this is included , and not extra, in the overall price on your event picket fencing.

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