Cheap Picket Fencing

Cheap Picket Fencing

Cheap picket fencing can provide a viable solution to anyone who is looking to add a touch of class, with a traditional style to their garden or property. Many other types of fencing can very expensive and often set you back hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. Therefore, picket fencing is great for anyone who is operating on a budget, yet wants to spruce up their garden or the outside of their property. You really can’t go wrong with this type of classic, traditional English fencing.

Picket Fencing in the UK

The popularity of picket fencing in the United Kingdom dates back centuries and it first became popular during the Victorian era as people would use it as a way to keep animals away from food and crops. Years later, it was then that people started to paint their pickets fences white and

started using them as decorative borders around their home and gardens. It was the Victorians who first saw the benefits of putting white picket fences around a colourful flower bed such as roses or pansies. The white back drop helped to highlight the natural vibrancy and beauty of the flowers and this would quickly become the focal point of many middle class Victorian gardens.

Picket Fencing Today

Cheap picket fencing can now be seen in many different properties and in many different locations throughout the UK. Many places and properties now use picket fencing to provide a barrier or divide between one area, such as a garden and another. From country houses and cottages to suburban semis and terrace houses, cheap picket fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing you can buy. It is inexpensive and relatively easy to install so this is seen as a big advantage to many people.

Why choose picket fencing

Other forms of fencing would probably need a specialist craftsman to construct the fencing, picket fencing can easily be installed by anyone who has an interest in DIY or likes to take on home improvement projects. Providing you have some basic tools and equipment it is more than likely you will be able to install picket fencing.

Picket Fencing Suppliers

If you look locally or online you are likely to find a number of suppliers who will have a wide range of cheap picket fencing. Because of its popularity many fence suppliers will have large stocks of picket fences that will be available in all shapes and sizes. If you prefer you could ask the suppliers to install your picket fencing for you or you could save yourself a few quid and do it yourself. It could be an exciting little job for you to do over the weekend.


Whichever supplier you choose, are it your local store or online, make sure they offer you a competitive quote and are helpful with any questions of queries you may have. When you are confident they can meet your needs and requirements, you will be able to purchase really cheap picket fencing that will look great in your garden or around the perimeter of your house.

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